Hot End - Nichrome Wire

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How to assembly Hot End with Nichrome Wire for RepRap Prusa Mendel 3D printer

Please follow the instruction below to assembly the hot end with Nichrome Wire:

You need to prepare the following materials:

1. 16mm x 45mm PTFE Rod
2. About 10cm PTFE tape
3. Kapton tape
4. M6 Brass Barrel (3cm or 5cm)
5. 0.5mm Brass Nozzle

You also need some Tools:

1. 3mm drill bit
2. 5mm drill bit
3. M6 Tap

Then you need to follow the steps:

Drill a 3mm (diameter) hole through PTFE rod.

At the one end of PTFE Rod, drill a ~5mm (diameter) hole to 1cm deep

Create a M6 insert by using M6 Tap

Wrap some PTFE tap on both end of M6 Brass Barrel in order to prevent plastic liquid from leaking

To check if 3mm PLA/ABS filament can go through the hot end easily

Make sure the connection of M6 Brass and PTFE Rod, M6 Brass and Nozzle are tight

Wrap NiChrome Wire on the end of M6 Brass Barrel, and place temperature sensor on the nozzle

Make sure place the temperature sensor close to the Nozzle in order to provide more accurate temperature reading

Above images were taken using 3 cm brass barrel, if you use 5cm brass barrel, you will have extra 2 cm barrel exposes in air.


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