Since 2013 our company has developed 3D printing materials. We successfully developed a PLA, ABS, PVA, and 3D printing has a wealth of experience. Our service for all aspects of product design, development and provide professional 3D printing services. A2A Printer is definitely one of the leading services in the 3D printing world. You may upload their STL-files, choose materials, and compare prices. We take care of the actual printing and shipping.


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With this special filament, you can create objects that look, smell, and feel like wood. Surround yourself in nature wherever you go! ...
Produces prints with flexible elastic properties and good compression because it is specially formulated with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is also known as thermoplastic rubber. ...
Colour changes from white to purple as the temperature rises. Expect guests to be amazed by your 3D prints created with this special filament! We also have white to blue. ...
The possibilities are endless with 3D prints made from this versatile filament: Glowing models, toys, and parts. ...

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